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FAQ – auto title loans in santa ana

How much will I be able to borrow?

Loan amounts start at $2,600 and up depending on the model, age and condition of the vehicle.

What is a typical repayment schedule for the loan?

Customers are required to repay the loan each month in an installment.

What is the term of the loan?

The majority of loans are over a 24 month period (meaning they are repaid over 2 years) but this can be amended to suit the specific requirements and circumstances of each individual customer.

What if I want to repay my loan before the end of the agreed term? Is there an early repayment penalty?

It is possible for a customer to repay early – There is absolutely no penalty for early repayment!

What happens to my car during the period of the loan?

You continue driving your car as normal during the period of the loan, while we hang onto your title documents. Once your loan has been fully repaid, you get the title back.

I need the money fast. How quickly can the loan be processed if I am approved?

The majority of customers obtain their loans really quickly! Please endeavor to provide us with necessary documentation in a timely fashion to avoid delay in releasing your loan funds.

I have a low credit score – will I still be considered?

With a car title loan in santa ana we do not conduct any form of credit scoring. All applications, therefore, are unaffected by credit scoring. Applicants with credit problems are welcome.

What if  I dont have a title?

We can assist you through the process of issuing a new car title for your car, and then we can proceed with getting you the loan you need.

What if I don’t have a California DMV car title?

We can help you with issuing a california DMV car title in no time.

If my car title is out of date , what can I do?

In our offices we are able to process and issue you a new registration, and you can even pay us for all the registration fees  and then get the updated registration documents. Once you obtain those documents you’ll be ready to get the loan!

Great! How can I apply?

Call for a car title loan in santa ana (714) 733-7515 to begin the application over the phone.

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